How to play the Gabrielle Harp

The beauty about the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp is that anyone can make beautiful, soothing music without practicing. It is smooth, lightweight and comfortable to hold for anyone wishing to play it. So, how is the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp Played? The answer to that question is…however you want to! You can strum all of the strings, pluck the strings individually, pluck the strings in a group, use a pick, tap it with dulcimer hammers, or you could even use a pencil.  Because the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp is tuned to the ancient pentatonic scale, there is no such thing as a wrong note. However you choose to play the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp, you will make beautiful music!

Click the link below to watch Marilyn give a demonstration on the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp.