Music Therapy

Gabrielle Tranquility Harp

A New Concept In Music Therapy

Gabrielle Tranquility Harp

Music Therapy or “Vibroacoustic” therapy works by not only soothing and relaxing anxieties, allowing the body to repair itself, but by resonating and vibrating the tissues of the body to stimulate healing.  The many frequencies and overtones, achieved by the number of strings and the natural construction of the resonance chamber,  are what makes the Tranquility Harp ideal for music therapy.  Often, music therapy recipients will lay down and place the Tranquility Harp directly onto their chest facing the ceiling.  While playing, the vibrations from the Tranquility Harp can clearly be felt traveling through the chest to the rest of the body for very powerful and relaxing music therapy.

There is something magical about the sounds emanating from the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp. The joy of hearing and feeling sounds vibrate into your body can be an incredible journey to your inner self! Music Therapy can be very helpful with these problems. The ecstasy that is felt in the moment of creating music can be exhilarating. The Gabrielle Tranquility Harp fills this need. 

Reported Benefits of Music Therapy:

  • Pain Relief
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Improvement in Sleep
  • Improvement of Mood
  • Overall Health Improvement

“Music Gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination, and Life to Everything”   – Plato