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Music is magical. It improves the mood, and promotes health and healing on all levels…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Harp is the oldest known stringed instrument and is a powerful instrument for healing. The Gabrielle Tranquility Harp is held close to the heart while being played, exuding feelings of calmness and peacefulness. The beauty of this instrument is not only in it’s design, but also in it’s ability to easily lend itself to a wide variety of therapeutic circumstances. Hospitals, nursing homes, music therapists, ministers, activity directors and hospice care-givers have used this tool with patients with very encouraging results. 

 This harp is a wonderful resource for people from all walks of life…parents, children, seniors, teachers, story tellers, poets, meditation leaders, massage therapists and yoga teachers.


The Gabrielle Tranquility Harp is a new concept in Music Therapy. This is an instrument that can bring great peace and relaxation for someone who is not musical! Whether for health or entertainment, The Tranquility Harp is one of the easiest instruments to play! The Gabrielle Tranquility Harp produces heavenly sounds no matter how you play it. It is tuned to an ancient pentatonic scale, in which all notes harmonize. This means that there is no right or wrong way to play the harp. You simply pick it up and play what you feel. The beautiful shape is inviting and easy to hold. Players love feeling the relaxing vibrations of the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp through the wood.

Health care advocates will tell you that the biggest problems people suffer from in this day and age is boredom and loneliness. Playing the Gabrielle Tranquility Harp may well be one of the most satisfying things you will ever do. It is relaxing, rewarding and you can’t make a bad sound.

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About Gabrielle Harps

Jerry Builds and Marilyn Plays


Gabrielle Harps began several years ago when my wife, Marilyn, decided that she wanted to learn how to play the harp. I bought her a beautiful harp, but the sound was less than spectacular. I’m a woodworker by trade, so i decided to make her a harp.

I spent several months studying harps. I even spoke with a harp maker in Minnesota to learn more about the craft before I began the process of building her a harp. I must have done something right. It was so successful and everyone loved it so much that I’ve been making them as fast as I can ever since. 

I make seven different models of harps. They vary from a very small lap harp to a 6′ Ashley Harp. 



All harps are very therapeutic, but I make a special model of harp called a Gabrielle Tranquility Harp. This style of harp is used heavily in therapy, both mental and physical. The special thing about this harp is that its designed so that anyone can play it and make beautiful music, regardless of your musical ability…or lack thereof.

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What People Say About Gabrielle Harps

“I’m enjoying my harp so much! What a lovely instrument and what an incredible harp maker you are, Jerry. We are so fortunate to have such a talented person in our area. Thank you!”

“I am delighted with my new harp and look forward to sharing with others the joy and serenity this beautiful gift brings. God bless you.”

“I love my little harp. I feel like an angel when I play – the sound is so soft and wonderful. I never imagined that I could play a harp. My children in the classroom at school are so fascinated!”

“My job is stressful – your beautiful harp puts me in a state of peace.”

“Two words describe this harp: Beautiful and Powerful.”

  • The Making of a Gabrielle Tranquility Harp

The Build Process

Quality Old World Craftsmanship

Every Tranquility Harp made at Gabrielle Harps by Jerry Wares is handcrafted out of wood selected for its quality and appeal, leading to a superior instrument for both therapeutic and entertaining purposes. 

The love Jerry has for both woodworking and music is clearly apparent in each Tranquility Harp he builds.

The Tranqulity Harp

With Tuning Key, Tuning Chart, Tuning Instructions, and Custom Made Carrying Bag

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